Disturbing Serenity

Hey guys, we’re back this week with another new intro for the masses. Have at!

Talia West
Talia’s always taking photos of someone or something; you couldn’t avoid her camera if your life depended on it. It seems like this strange obsession, but it’s reasonable enough. She pulls all sorts of crazy and unique ideas out of her mind and somehow manages to make them flow from her hand. It’s amazing. She’s not this really shy or overbearing person either, she’s a good balance between the two. Her sense of humour’s different as well; that’s what makes Talia really great, she’s so different yet approachable at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, though: Talia can get along with the guys as well as she does with the girls.
- Fiora
We’ll be back next week with yet another intro!
- Redshift Studios

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