Treading New Water

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Learn to Be visual novel development blog. Since this is the first post, we would like to start things off with a bit about our plans: the concept, setting, first character preview, and recruitment info.

About 6 months ago a few friends and I wanted to start a visual novel with a small idea. “What motivates you? What drives us to keep going in life?” Fear? Compassion? The possibilities are many. With that, we created the basic concept of Learn to Be.

So, where does this visual novel take place?

Ridgevale Academy for Adaptive Education: a private school in which students can create a high school life appropriate to whatever their need may be. Be it accelerated, specifically guided, or any other realm of learning going beyond the average high school teaching --- we provide what is necessary for your child to excel.
Being a private school, the school takes its own approach to scheduling. It is a year round school with small breaks in-between appropriate to seasons and holidays. Some scheduling may need to be adjusted on a student-by-student basis. Our teachers are specialized in dealing with problems which may hinder a student's performance, in addition to aiding in advancement of your child’s learning style. If you have interest in providing the best education for your child, we encourage you to consider Ridgevale Academy, please contact Principal Umur Acar.
- Ridgevale Academy Pamphlet -

So, that’s our setting. Let’s meet one of the students already attending the Academy.

Sophie Rella
Everything about Sophie seems like a typical student, until you take note of her headphones. I can usually hear her music from across the hallway. Not that it’s a bad thing, although, regardless of whatever the topic may be, the conversation is forced back into whatever her musical preference is at the time.I’ve seen her at theater club on occasion, acting of course -- quite likely a hobby of hers. I assume she can play an assortment of instruments as well. Perhaps she isn’t as typical as I’d like to believe.
- Myles Crawford

One last thing: we are still looking for people to help out. Specifically we are looking for:

  • Artists
    • Background Artists
    • CG Artist
  • Musicians
  • Animators

If you can fit one of these categories, please contact us at learntobevn@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading our first blog entry. We will continue to work on our rough draft for the first act. We hope to have one of these out every Friday with some new info on the happenings around here. Next week, we’ll have another character preview along with fully functional forums.

See you next week.
- Redshift Studios


  1. I have a problem with asking about recruitment. I have a Windows Live Mail account, but it's been acting up. I can't get it unlocked, so there's no sending or receiving of messages for me. Would it be alright if I used a normal Yahoo account to send an email as I've already done?

    1. Use any account you want man! If you've already sent an e-mail previously, just state who you are, and it's all good. If you haven't, just send an e-mail!


    2. Actually, if you have a yahoo account. We have an email for that one too.


    3. How long should I be expecting to wait for a response?

    4. We haven't received an email for either the yahoo or gmail account

    5. I've resent it to the Yahoo account now.