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Hey folks, it’s Saturday! Not Friday! We might have messed with the fabric of time, but we’re here now!

This week, we are introducing the staff of Redshift Studios, having the forums up and running, and introducing another new character.

So, who are the members of Redshift Studios and their roles in Learn to Be?

  • Writers
    • Suds
    • DastardlyLemon
    • Soanuku
    • Turmoil
    • Frostbyte250
    • Nova
  • Editors
    • Eldin
    • Vivi
    • Tomcat94
    • Kaleo
  • Musicians
    • Suds
    • Frostbyte250
    • Soren Cole
    • Eldin
    • Tomcat94
  • Coders
    • Eldin
    • Turmoil
  • Artists
    • Kyou
    • Lumi
    • Tomcat94

As promised last week, we have forums set up here.

We also have an IRC channel and a subreddit. Sign up and have a good time!

And now for the character introduction for the week: Katherine!

Katherine Keredal
Well, Kat, or Katherine if you’re looking to be proper. She’s a bit of a paradox. She has book smarts, she’s athletic, and she spends all her time studying or playing Fußball. She not only succeeds, but exceeds in everything she attempts. The thing is, I don’t think she’s ever shown any level of satisfaction with her accomplishments. She just gets an A or the winning goal and just moves on. If I do manage to get her onto a subject unrelated to schoolwork, the conversation ends. I reckon it’s a matter of trust. I don’t think she trusts people enough to ever step outside her comfort zone. Aw...well, I’m rambling, and there’s always plenty of time for that later...
- Ada, by Ada and more Ada

That about covers everything for this week. We hope to see you on the forums, IRC, or even the subreddit.

Stay tuned next week for a new character, music, and perhaps some other goodies!
- Redshift Studios

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