Hopelessly Helpful

As usual, a new week means a new character intro. This time, it's Robert, Myles's roommate. Here we go!

Robert Burnett
I don’t really have much to say about Robert. He never really spoke to me. From a distance he seems quite busy, what with being a counselor. Honestly, he seems like a pretty nice guy, always trying to meet someone new, helping anyone he can. I will say this though, it’s like he doesn’t have any real goal. Yeah, he’s helping his friends out and that’s great, good for him, but he doesn’t have a desire to improve himself; he just goes wherever the wind pushes him. If I had the time I would want him as a friend, but as it stands I need to get back to studying.
- Katherine
Next week will bring, of course, another character intro. Prepare yourself appropriately!
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