Back to the Basics

The next character is in the lab, and the door is locked.  We are trying to pry it open, but until that time I insist on sharing a short introduction to the project.

Create something you can be proud of and then share that thing with the world. It is a philosophy I feel many of us hold but more specifically one that myself and Soanuku followed through on. We all have that game, movie, or story that really touched us and changed how we view the world. We want to create the same emotion in others but found that at the time we thought we didn’t have the capability of finding a group to help us or a place to work on games (As many of us aspire to work in some field of the game industry.)

So it all started for fun, purely for the experience of creating a story we brainstormed anyway. Ideas turned into characters, characters gained personalities and personalities turned into relationships. Before we knew it we had a skeleton for “Learn To Be” but we still really didn’t know where to go from there. How were we, a few kids, supposed to find and pay people to work on such an insignificant project.

It came down to why were we even doing this ourselves? We weren’t making a dime nor did we plan to. We were doing it for the experience, for the chance to use our talents, and just to have a good time. Understanding this we agreed, we don’t want people who will work on this project for a salary or wage. Those people would only end up tainting the story in the pursuit of wealth. We wanted people who were willing to join us in this experience for the sake of the knowledge that could be gained.

Not a month later we had a decent group of people put together. I’d be lying if I said I had doubts we would even get that far and even more so if I said that I questioned the ability of a group of kids thrown together to cooperate with each other. But time and time again this group has proven me wrong. We are a determined group, what began as just acquaintances has turned into a bunch of friends working together from all across the continent. Working to make something that we can be proud, that we would want to play and share with everyone willing to see it. We are not here to get rich we are here to share a story.

- Turmoil

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