A Tad Bit Lost

Here we go. Ready for this? After a brief hiatus, we are releasing the final character preview. After this, we'll get back to churning out a product you guys can actually experience. Isn't that what you're here for, anyway?

Myles Crawford
Yeah I've run into him a few times. Literally. That, and he sits in front of me in chemistry class. My brother Rob has been chumming it up with him. I'm really not sure what to think of him. He seems like he wants to be a nice guy but just can't quite get there. Confused might be a word for him. The main thing that I've noticed about him is that he doesn't seem to try. In chemistry, he understands the material and answers questions, but doesn't try to connect the dots. It's like he's wandering through life. He's just there. Doesn't look much to the future. Doesn't take initiative. Of course, I don't know him very well. I like to think that I'm good at reading people. He can do what he likes and what makes him happy I won't tell him how to live. Though I'd like to make a few suggestions...
- Amy
That's everyone! We'll continue posting occasional project updates (or just random thoughts the developers might have). As always, stay tuned.
- Redshift Studios

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